I’m more… something.

Holy mother of mercy it’s Friday!! It’s been a very busy week. My boss was gone for a couple of days so I had to do my coworker’s work AND my boss’ work for those days. I ended up working 7am-6pm on Monday and 8am – 7pm on Tuesday, and no lunch breaks thank you very much. Things came up non-stop. Then I worked a more normal 8-9 hours on Wednesday and Thursday, but I had band Wednesday night and the prenatal class last night. All things considered, I wish I had done less last weekend so I would have started the week more rested! This weekend I have a dentist appointment, but other than that I am sleeping and doing little more!

Of course, I get no sympathy from Chris, my 11 hour days are “a short day” for him! The man has been working like a machine for the past 3 weeks trying to get a paper out for a journal. From what I understand, he was told him whatever paper he wrote for the journal would be “pre-accepted” because he earned an honorable mention at the Japan conference in November. But still, he had to do the work and write a good paper. The paper was due last night and hopefully his adviser didn’t manage to get an extension so that he can actually take some time off tonight and this weekend.

At the class last night, the nurse told us more gross facts about labor that I wish I didn’t know, then we had to practice different labor positions. She’s really adamant about being active and moving often during labor. Chris and I learned that we are horrible actors and not very good at role playing. The nurse had us girls breathe thru fake contractions and the men were supposed to rub our shoulders and tell us nice stuff in a soothing voice. Some guys were going all John Mayer on their wives, saying stuff like “good job honey, almost done, just relax, breathe, remember why we’re doing this, almost done, you’re doing so good.” Of course I never heard a peep out of quiet Chris thru this whole exercise, but I don’t blame him. I didn’t marry him for his ability to whisper sweet nothings to me, and the day he starts feeling sorry for me I’ll know something is wrong!

Inspired by the labor class no doubt, I had another weird dream last night. We had picked a “designer” baby that was half-cat half-human, but I was disappointed because she looked more like a cat than a baby. I was regretting our decision, thinking we should have gone 100% human so that we’d have a real baby. Basically I was carrying a cat that looked very much like Anathema around. I guess I can classify this dream into the “confused my baby with other objects of similar size” category. The fact that I have enough dreams like this to form a category is really weird! Where is this insecurity coming from?!

Oh, last thing, my boss told me something funny yesterday. He said at the beginning of this pregnancy I was really cranky but that now I’m even better than before I was pregnant! He started to say that I was “more …” (he didn’t finish the sentence) than joked that he better shut up before he gets himself in trouble. Like most guys in my field he’s as gentle and articulate as a sledgehammer, so I said yeah you better shut it! Then he offered I should get pregnant every year. Aaaaaand the hammer strikes!

But anyway, apparently pregnancy is changing me and I’m more… something. Patient? Calm? Slow? Who knows!


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