Evil evil cookies

This morning we took a “Baby Signs” class. I was expecting a lecture, but it was just a lady teaching us signs with songs! Yes, songs! She sang Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and a bunch of other kids songs, and taught us the signs for most of the words, and we had to sing along!

So it wasn’t as scientific as I’d expected, but it was probably exactly what we needed. The lady did explain how great baby signs are because babies can use signs months before they can talk, but I was glad to see she was very down-to-earth and not all crazy about teaching them the whole ASL dictionary either. She said we’d just need to use (in context) about 10 signs. Hungry, thirsty, pain, mommy, daddy, etc. Simple things for babies to express what they need. Of course, you can teach more if you want, but those are really all you need. Since I will be speaking to Gabrielle in French and Chris will be speaking to her in English, I really think it’s going to help bridge the two languages and help her communicate physically while she tries to figure out what the heck is going on language-wise.

Anyway, after class Chris went to school and I decided to go shopping. Yes, I did TWO activities in ONE day. Imagine that!!! This is seriously a first for me this whole pregnancy! I must really be sleeping better!

So I had another successful trip to Ross. Some of my “maternity” shirts (some of which are medium blouses, not real maternity shirts) are getting sort of tight, so I needed a few more pieces for my third trimester belly. Well, for $60 I got FIVE shirts for me, 6 pairs of Hello Kitty socks for Gabrielle, her “going home” outfit for leaving the hospital, and shoes for her too!

Here are the Hello Kitty socks (I had to buy every possible design they sold of course, thank god they only had 6 kinds!). I haven’t shown these to Chris yet, oh he will be so happy, cough cough…

Here are the shoes:

I’ve been following the “May 2010 Babies” group on BabyCenter.com, and everyone there is chatting about their going-home outfit for leaving the hospital. Apparently this is something you need to plan 16 weeks ahead of time, of course. So I had previously picked a cute onesie, but today I bought this outfit and I like it much better because of the side snaps on the shirt. That way we don’t have to push her little head thru the shirt, just wrap it around her….. Sounds more gentle for a 1 day old baby!

There’s also the long sleeve shirt that we can put on top in case it is cold:

Cute, cute, cute!

While loading these pictures from the camera I also found pictures of the guys’ trip to Mammoth! The guys took a whole bunch of weird videos so I didn’t upload those, but I uploaded all their pictures.

Click on the below picture (or here) to go see the whole Mammoth album!

Oh, and after the trip to Ross I stopped by the grocery store to find Girl scouts selling their cookies. Sweet mother of mercy, they are finally here! Samoas, you make me a happy girl.


2 thoughts on “Evil evil cookies

  1. So funny! I bought those same shoes at Ross but in white with navy blue stripes! Also, Anna had that same panda outfit, it’s so cute! She wore it to her first doctor’s appointment:


    I think we meant for it to be her hospital going home outfit but she was breastfeeding so much that day it was all we could do to just get her into the car seat and out the door.

    • You have good taste! 🙂

      Glad to see the outfit looked so cute on Anna! Was that the newborn size?? It looks so small on my hanger, but it looks big on her in the picture!

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