Men vs Women

Here we are, Monday, and I’m taking the day off to rest. I emailed my boss yesterday to let him know, and he replied “No problem. Don’t worry.” So I guess I’m not fired yet, woohoo! He’s got my cell phone number if any problems or questions come up, but most likely today I will realize the world can turn just fine without me and I don’t need to feel so guilty every time I’m sick!

And maybe you can help me decide something… I’m trying to decide if all women are liars. I’ve received a lot of comments about my pregnant body, I’m keeping tabs and sensing a pattern.

Comments I’ve received from women:

“You’re all belly, you’re so lucky”

“How far along are you? But I thought pregnant women were supposed to be fat and you’re not fat at all”

“Look at your cute belly, and your arms are still skinny!”

Now comments from men:

“Ariane, is that you?” (Apparently I’m fat beyond the point of recognition)

“Are you sure you’re not carrying twins?” (Got that one twice!)

“You look bigger this week than last week!” (Yep, that’s how pregnancy works!)

And now my personal favorite, a comment I received last Friday:

“Your life is going to change. You’re going to look chubby for a while” (WOW, THANKS!)

So now I’m trying to decide: either A) women are all liars and men tell it how it is, or B) women are necessarily comfortable with the idea of a growing womanly figure while men are so uncomfortable around a pregnant belly that they blabber stupid shit. What do you think?!


2 thoughts on “Men vs Women

  1. The women are telling the truth! You are carrying this baby the ideal way! All baby/belly and the rest of you is in shape!
    Sorry to hear that you are still feeling sick! But, judging from your really funny blog, you are feeling a lot better!
    Enjoy your raisins!

  2. The women are more nuanced in their observations. Yes, your belly is ginormous (mine is too, at 34 weeks) but in comparison to the rest of your body, you are “all belly.” I just don’t think the men are noticing this (or are tactful enough to put it this way).

    I used to HATE this one secretary who, with one of my past pregnancies, always greeted me with “wow, you look like you grew last night.” Um, yeah, exactly – that’s how it works.

    Glad you are taking the day off. Rest up!

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