I may need a work triplet

Yesterday I snacked on Trader Joe’s mini wheats (90% daily iron), had Cambell’s vegetable soup with beef stock and clementines for lunch, and tri tip for dinner. I think I have my iron covered! Done and done.

Talking about dinner, we went out with Frank last night and got to learn why he was here. He is currently working on an MBA and signed up for a summer internship at a big company in Thousand Oaks! He is here now for a couple of days for the company’s internship recruiting weekend, then he will be back for the whole summer for his internship. It is so weird to think about having around a childhood friend of Chris’s. I’m just so used to having my Montreal life and his Ohio life and our California life so distinctly separate, it feels strange when the elements collide!

Another strange feeling was when Chris told Frank “yeah, we’ll have a kid by the time you come back!” Wow, that just hit me like a brick! WE WILL? WE WILL! You know, it doesn’t matter how much you visualize it, it still sounds funny coming out of someone else’s mouth.

Oh and I think I found a flaw to my boss’ twin contingency plan. I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat. I hope beyond all hope that I do not get sick. If making a shrine to Mother Sickness would prevent me from getting sick right now, I’d have the biggest shrine in town. My boss would kill me. And then he’d wish he’d made work triplets. I have to get better! I have to work this week, I don’t have a choice!! And moreover, I don’t want to be sick! No siree, not one bit.


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