I draw the line at liver

While I may have allowed myself the luxury of a weekly chocolate croissant since I got pregnant, I’d like to think we live a fairly healthy lifestyle. Some days I don’t eat as many vegetables as I should and I occasionally fall prey to the erroneous bag of cookies. But I am committed to eating natural, wholesome foods. I’ve cut out from my diet anything containing high fructose corn syrup over a year ago, limit the amount of processed foods we consume, and at that only buy processed foods where I can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients listed. I don’t drink soda, I don’t eat anything fried, I never use salt when cooking, and I haven’t eaten white bread in years.

But whoever recommended liver, onions, and molasses for my anemia problem?! Come on! I want to eat healthy but not that healthy! I definitively draw the line at liver, onions, and molasses! Honestly I think I ate vegetarian one day this weekend and also forgot to take my prenatal vitamin, so that probably caused my levels to be a little low on Monday morning. I’ll make minor adjustments to my diet and I should be just fine.

In other news, my co-worker is gone on vacation. My boss always groups us in teams of 2 and makes sure that everything one knows the other knows too. I’d like to think of it as work twins, so that if one twin fails/quits/gets sick/goes on vacation/disappears, the other twin can pick up the slack and work goes on uninterrupted. Like in “The Astronaut’s Wife”.

So as of yesterday my work twin is on vacation. And while I may know everything he knows, we both each have our individual strengths and weaknesses, so it’s always a nervous time when I have to take up his usual duties. Every little bug is a major emergency (that’s what happens when the software you wrote deals with millions of dollars of other people’s money), and I’m always a little on the edge that something bad is going to happen that I won’t know how to handle and fix! But so far so good, no emergencies yesterday! Let’s hope that’s how it will be for the next 2 weeks.

Also, we received a call from Chris’ friend Frank. He is in Thousand Oaks for a couple of days for work something or other. So if he has time tonight we will go meet him for dinner. Sadly Chris hadn’t spoken to Frank in a while, and so he had to break out the news “oh by the way, my wife is 6 months pregnant”. Ha ha. A little late to break out the news, but at least he knows before he sees me! Anyway, so we’re hoping he will have time to hang out tonight, it would be fun to see Frank!!


One thought on “I draw the line at liver

  1. Hope you two get to see Frank! On the subject of liver. We had a friend in Wellington who was the health food guru. She lived the health food way allll the time. I bragged to her about fixing liver for dinner one night. Her response: Liver is where all the toxins go in the body. Why would you eat liver?
    Enjoy your two croissants tomorrow!

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