Another doc appointment

I had a doctor appointment yesterday so I just wanted to write a quick note this morning. Everything is fine!

I got weighted, I’m 148 now for a total of 25 pounds so far! And I haven’t even start my third trimester yet, oy! Every time I step on a scale it says I have gained 5 pounds, so it’s official, I’m not ever going on a scale anymore!! But the doctor said my weight gain and blood pressure were fine so I guess I have nothing to worry about. She even commented that I was “all belly” and how cute it looked, so HA! Take that, scale!

She also measured my belly and said it was measuring true to date. And she tried to listened to the baby’s heart, she couldn’t get a good reading cause the baby kept kicking her monitor, ha ha! So yep, everything is fine.

Then I did an oral glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes (they make everyone do it)… I had to drink this super nasty sweet drink then they took my blood one hour later to check how my body was processing the mega sugar overload. They said they would only call if I failed, and I haven’t received a call back yet. I hope I get to keep eating my chocolate croissants! The drink made me feel icky all day though and I ended up leaving work super early even though I showed up super late. Oh well! It looked like the baby was all hyped up on sugar too cause she kicked non-stop ALL. DAY. LONG. I bet I won’t feel her much for the next couple of days to recover the sleep she lost yesterday!

Have a good Tuesday!


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