Bare belly

I had my photo shoot with the photography student today! I had told Jenny (our mutual friend) that I hoped she wouldn’t ask me to do bare belly pictures. Sure enough, two pictures into it and she was like “can you life your shirt so I can see your belly?” Oh god. Well, better to embrace it than being embarrassed by it, so I lifted my shirt over my belly and owned it.

After we were done she said she’d give me a CD of all the pictures some time this week. Now the question is, will I have the guts to post pictures of my bare newly acquired 20 pound belly here?

What else is new… We are starting our “prepared childbirth series” classes at the hospital next week. It runs once a week for 6 or 7 weeks, each class covering a variety of subjects: birth, breathing, breastfeeding, taking care of a newborn, tour of the maternity ward, etc. Should be interesting. I hope we’ll meet some nice people to have baby playdates with in the future!

And totally random, but we got a new faucet fixture in the kitchen. There was water leaking from the right handle when it was on. The landlord fixed it by replacing/adding a washer and then the cold water tasted weird and the left side started leaking. So we told him about that and he just went ahead of replaced the whole thing. The old one was all gunked up with hard water residue, that was surely the issue. The new one is all shiny and the water tastes good, love it!


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