Valentine’s day dinner was a huge success. I was so good that we both ate ourselves retarded. My stomach has not forgiven me yet!

Today I cleaned, did the laundry, and went shopping. Paranoid nesting little ol’ me was having a heart attack because we didn’t have any “sleep n’ play” onesies. While I nannied those sleep-n-play layettes with the snaps that go all the way from top to bottom were my favorite thing in the whole world day or night – and here I am two weeks away from my third trimester and I hardly owned one! So I got some today. I keep telling myself not to buy too much before the baby shower, but sometimes it just helps making me feel prepared. It’s not entirely rational.

Chris went to school today, a quiet day since its a holiday. He’s home now and we’re both looking forward to leftovers. Let’s hope we can control ourselves tonight!

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