Chocolate madness

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We have a quiet day planned. The photo studio was already all booked so my photo shoot is moved to next weekend. Look at me saying “my photo shoot” like I’m someone important!

I am signed up to get food email newsletters from a bunch of places (Kraft, Pillbury, Betty Crocker, Sunset Magazine). It inspires to me cook more often and come up with new meal ideas. Well this week they were all offering 15 million recipes for Valentine’s Day sweets, all more decadent than the next. Chocolate caramel pie, chocolate hazelnut torte, chocolate brownie hearts, chocolate dipped chocolate with chocolaty chocolate sauce. I made that last one up.

But you get the idea, after a week of constant chocolate spamming, my mind can hardly resist the cravings. Tonight Chris is making me spaghetti and meatballs, to my request. As for dessert, my mind was running wild – I could make a fancy cake? Or cookies? Maybe brownies, yes, a BIG batch of brownies. Ooh, or a giant bowl with brownies, bananas, ice cream, pudding, hot fudge, caramel, chocolate chips, and cookies? Oh yeah, that sounds good!

Being the good girl that I am, I decided on chocolate fondue. Lots of fruits and some chocolate from dipping. Hey, that is a very healthy spin on Valentine’s Day dessert, all things considered! Go me! I am So Reasonable. I’m like the poster child of reasonable. So reasonable in fact that I rewarded myself with a chocolate croissant for breakfast, even though I had one yesterday. Hey, it IS Valentine’s Day after all!


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