Humming the Indiana Jones theme

My boss looked at me yesterday around lunch time and said “you look tired”. Ah, he was always the nicest things. Anyway, he offered that I could go home and rest if I needed, but I told him I’d tough it out. My boss has been so nice to me in this whole process, I don’t want to abuse it. In any case, the neighbors in apartment 2 have moved out and the landlord is gutting the place. Daytime rest at home won’t be possible for a little while!

I had band practice last night. I have no lung power anymore! Whenever slow melodies came around where the saxes had nothing but long background notes, I stopped playing to save my breathe 😛 I think I definitively won’t be good enough to play at the concert, but I’m enjoying the practice anyway. We sight-read the Raiders March last night (music from Indiana Jones) and I have the song stuck in my head now!

I haven’t seen much of Chris this week. Monday I came home from work late. On Tuesday, he went to Anaheim for a work meeting. He left there at 5pm, so of course with traffic he wasn’t home until 8! Yesterday I had band practice. At least we should be able to hang out tonight, but then he’s leaving for Mammoth early tomorrow for a snowboarding weekend with my dad and brother. Who will get me my source of energy chocolate croissant from Anna’s Saturday morning?!


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