The good and the bad

I try to only write when I have something positive to say – cause I don’t like to be one of those people who complain all the time.

But this is the post where I vent.

I am tired. Seriously, I haven’t slept more than 1 hour undisturbed in probably 2 months. I wake up at least once or twice per hour to change position because I am in so much pain. I sleep on one side then when the pain builds up enough to wake myself up, I turn to the other. While the first side calms down, the second side takes its load. Then I flip again. It’s either my hips or my back or my shoulders. Mostly the hips lately though. I tried adding extra pillows in every place possible, but that only makes it harder to toss and turn. And the less I turn the more it hurts. There’s just something about the big belly or the loosening joints that causes sleep positions to be so painful!

Anyway. Whatever the reason. I am simply exhausted. All. The. Time.

There, now that I’ve got that off my chest. I do have one good news: we found good delivery pizza in Santa Barbara!! The place is called Pizza Guru. We ordered 2 pizzas this weekend, we tried the buffalo chicken pizza and also a BBQ pulled pork pizza. Oh my gosh it was DELICIOUS!

So there. This post is not entirely complaints.


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