Thank God it’s The-Day-Before-Chocolate-Croissant-Day-Formerly-Known-As-Friday day!

Chris told me to call it Chocolate Croissant Eve to save my breath. TGICCE then!

The pregnancy books who say pregnant women have more vivid dreams should also write a warning recommending pregnant women not to read murder mystery novels. Continuing my Charlaine Harris spree, I started reading book 1 of the Aurora Teagarden series which is titled “Real Murders”. Holy mother of mercy, I had nightmares about the murders in the book all night long! Talk about traumatizing.

On the subject of evil, I was listening to the pro-recordings of the Star Wars symphony in the car, specifically the Imperial March movement (Darth Vader’s theme) to practice my triple-tonguing and Gabrielle started kicking like crazy. Maybe she recognized it from hearing it the night before! Or she is just amused by my triple-tonguing practice.

And I figure I better explain what triple-tonguing is before your minds run wild. Say out loud “ta-ta-ta-ta” over and over as fast as you can. Now say “ta-ka-ta-ka-ta-ka-ta” as fast as you can. See how much faster that is! Now do that with an instrument in your mouth and it’s called double-tonguing. Usually when moving from one note to the next, you make your tongue do a “ta” movement to seperate the notes, unless they are slured. But if you have a lot of very fast notes in a row, doing “ta-ta-ta” is sometimes too slow and cumbersome. So instead you make your tongue to “ta-ka-ta-ka”, 2 syllables that use different part of the tongue for more speed. Now in the case of the Imperial March, with quick triplets, we need to utilize 3 syllables, your choice of “ta-da-ka”, “or “tu-ga-du”, or whatever combination seems to give you the right sound and accent at the right place for your specific tune. That’s triple-tonguing! Most brass players can do double-tonguing easily but for wood instrument it is significantly harder and rarely used BECAUSE YOU’VE GOT A REED IN YOUR MOUTH. It makes getting the “ka” sound really hard.

Anyway that’s the story of triple-tonguing, which I must practice because I never used it before! Go ahead, try practicing saying “tu-da-du-tu-ga-du” all day long and try not to sound crazy! Yeah, now Gabrielle is laughing at you too. Congrats!


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