Cooped up

After dinner I was bored and irritated about being bored. I wanted to relax and read, but even at the early hour of 7pm I knew I would have fallen asleep reading within 10 minutes because – well – that’s what I do these days. Plus I was so sick of being cooped up inside because of the rain. And I have a total of 3 work-appropriate shirts that fit me right now.

So I went shopping to Ross in the search for uber cheap maternity wear. I really don’t want to spend money on maternity wear, what with feeling broke after paying off my car early, having all these expenses ahead of us, and needing to save money to afford my upcoming mostly unpaid maternity leave. But like I said – THREE shirts. It’s not enough. I have plenty of comfy lounge clothes for home. But work is work and I can’t exactly dress in yoga pants and Chris’s tshirts for work for 4 whole months. Maybe on the occasional Friday and the last 2 weeks before being due – but not 4 months!

Anyway, I found some great deals! I bought one maternity shirt for $8, a new purse for $25, and a Carter’s diaper bag for – wait for it – $10!!!

Just to give you an idea, I had registered for a diaper bag that was $50. Those things aren’t cheap. But this one at Ross was cute (black and hot pink) and had all the features I was looking for (the changing pad insert, pockets for diapers and bottles…), all for TEN dollars. I am seriously so proud of my find!

And the purse, well I’d been using my current one (which also cost only $25) for over a year and a half so I am not going to feel bad about that purchase. It’s all leather same as the previous one – but black instead of white. I feel a little goth with a black purse and I almost went for a blue or red one… but then you have to worry about matching. I don’t have the energy or brain power to worry about matching these days, so black it is.

Ok, now that all my male readers are asleep from my blabbing about bags and purses, I’m off to “read” in bed. I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday – that is one day closer to Anna’s chocolate croissant day!

(I officially named Saturdays to be Chocolate Croissant Day – eating a chocolate croissant for breakfast is mandatory on Chocolate Croissant Day)

(And Sundays are Chocolate Croissant Day too)


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