Nursery in progress

So finally last night we went to Babies R Us to replace the broken glider. And guess what? We got home to discover the new one was broken in the exact same place. Must be a manufacturing problem! It wasn’t as bad as the first one though, the wood was just a little splintered on the surface so Chris just superglued it into place and you can’t even tell. Considering how much these gliders cost it is a bummer that it wasn’t perfect, but driving back and forth to the nearest Babies R Us  all the way in Oxnard costs us like $10 in gas and 2 hours of our time… we weren’t ready to go there again any time soon.

Anyway, fixed and assembled, the glider is wonderful!! It matches perfectly the wood of the crib, and it soooo comfortable! The gliding is so smooth, there’s a hand break lock on it if you want it not to glide, and it also reclines!

Here are some pictures of the nursery in progress…

This weekend we will get 2 dressers (one tall and narrow, one changing table size) from Cost Plus World Market, they are on super sale and lord knows we’ll need the storage space. Plus, we are very happy with our previous Cost Plus furniture so we think it is a good deal. Both of the dressers will fit (albeit snugly)  in the area behind the crib under the small window. The great thing is all this new furniture is the same color as every other piece of furniture in our apartment so if we move we can mix-and-match everything in any room. Here’s a picture of the dressers from the Cost Plus website:

After that we’ll just need a bookshelf that will fit in the opposite corner of the room next to the closet and we will be ALL DONE!

Here’s a full view of the crib:

Here’s the little closet filling up slowly:

My favoritest outfit thus far, a little tennis dress! She will be ready for the country club! Ha! (Sorry everyone, everything you got us is super cute, but come on, look at this baby tennis dress and tell me it’s not the cutest thing you’ve EVER seen?!)

We stuck our file cabinet in the closet and combined all our files in one drawer so the second is available for toy storage. There’s some new toys in there, and some of Chris’s old stuffed animals. I also kept some of mine, but they are not in this drawer yet. Once I add mine, the large drawer will already be full. Oy.

Other random stuff (books, blankets, socks, bedding) that is waiting for the appropriate dresser/bookshelf space:

Phew! I feel good knowing we are getting those 2 dressers otherwise I don’t know where we’d put all this stuff. There’s already so much of it and we didn’t even have the baby shower yet! Thankfully thus far everyone has been very good about getting us small stuff (no giant toys or anything) and we are greatly appreciative of that!

Have a good weekend. I was productive arranging the baby room this morning, so I’m off to rest this afternoon!


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