Man, just when I think I’m on top of this whole pregnancy thing, it throws another curve ball. Yesterday I was feeling great. I went on a walk. I had a good day at work. But somehow during that 10 minute commute home, I flipped from feeling great to incredibly exhausted. My stomach felt upset, everything felt achy, and I was tired.

We were supposed to meet my parents at the Babies R Us in Oxnard to exchange the broken chair, but I pushed it off. I couldn’t do anything else! I was even asking Chris if I could skip work on Friday. Now I may joke and complain about going to work, but I love my job and I never just not want to go. But last night I did not want to go back.

After a horrible night of sleep, it was safe to say I had not changed my mind by morning. But reason and responsibility dragged me in anyway. Better save my PTO for when I’m actually sick, right?

I did reasonably ok this morning until 11:30am, and then a second wave hit me. Oh boy, I was not going to last the day. I mustered up the courage to ask my boss for the afternoon off. I used up all my pity-me-I’m-pregnant points with that one! But he said yes and I left at 1. I’ve been napping all afternoon. Hurray!

In any case, I am really glad I get a 3-day weekend. And glad I have a doctor appointment on Monday, just to be sure this sudden fatigue is normal. Oh well, maybe I’m just fighting off the cold everyone’s been passing at the office this week!

All this the more reason to say: thank god it’s Friday!


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