Thought fragments

We’re going bullet points style cause segmented thought fragments is as much coherence you’re going to get from me tonight:

  • I paid off my car one year early, renewed my car registration, paid off my credit card bills (which were larger than usual, what with the holidays and the baby and the maternity clothes and all), and it was my turn to pay rent (we alternate). I’ll be feeling very broke until my bank account recovers!
  • We received the crib and the rocking chair yesterday. The crib looks nice, but the rocking chair had a broken piece. Such a bummer! We’re getting it replaced, then I’ll post some pictures of the little room that is filling up quite fast.
  • I’m hereby vouching to get back into “shape” (albeit a round one). Seriously, I haven’t done any exercise in many many months. So I’m officially starting back my morning walks.
  • All day I was smelling strawberry fruit rollups at work. What the heck? Now I want strawberry fruit rollups.
  • They replaced the bags of mini Chips Ahoy in the vending machine at work with bags of mini Oreos. I sighed, loudly. I’m not sure if I’m mad because they replaced the mini Chips Ahoy with the only item on earth as equally tempting, or if I’m mad because they replaced the mini Chips Ahoy before I let myself be tempted into getting one.
  • (Aside from cookies and strawberry fruit rollups) I was craving spaghetti and meatballs so Chris is making it for me for dinner tonight, yay!!! Can’t wait for it to be ready, it smells delicious in our apartment!
  • I’m having some seriously annoying Braxton Hicks contractions. At least I’m assuming that’s what they are, my stomach gets hard as a rock every once in a while, it lasts about 30 seconds than it goes away. Not painful, just annoying and a little bit worrying although they are supposed to be normal. I’ll talk about it with the doc on my next appointment on Monday.
  • Monday I have a holiday! Last random 3 day weekend I had, I was sick and had tons of things to get done. This time I am seriously not doing anything productive on my day off aside from the doc appointment… Strictly fun and relaxing stuff!

Have a good Monday night or Tuesday night or Wednesday night or whatever night of the week this is!


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