Shopping day

I had something I wanted to write last night and I figured “no I’ll wait until tomorrow morning”. And of course now I forgot what it was.

In any case, I finally uploaded the video that the ultrasound doctor gave us on Monday. It is a video of the whole appointment, so you can see everything we saw! And now you can view it too here.

Today is shopping day! I am going shopping with my friend Kristin at the factory outlets in Camarillo. I have a 25% off entire purchase coupon for Carter’s and also one for Osh Kosh B’gosh. I’m not sure about Carters but I know there’s a Osh Kosh Bgosh in the outlets so I should be able to use that coupon today! Then I think I’ll hit up a few home decoration stores with my mom while I’m in that area.

I sense a lot of video game time for Chris while I’m gone all day! Although he did mention something about going to school.

Oh, I remember the thing I wanted to say! Yes! My friend Jenny bought her boyfriend John a saxophone for Christmas. I went over during lunch yesterday to help him get started. I’m unofficially a saxophone teacher now! I showed him how to get his mouthpiece setup, how to tune, how to switch octaves. John grew up playing the piano so he already knew all the basics of music, so he caught up in no time.

It’s funny cause we are such different types of musician. John is the kind of musician that plays everything from ear and/or memory without having seen the music sheet once, which I hate cause I can NOT do that. I’m a music-sheet kind of girl. He’s got all the right instincts to play great jazz (which is all free form and loosey goosey), while I’m a stickler for classical music (methodical, proper, precise). But all jealousy aside, he’s already doing awesome on the saxophone! I can’t wait to hear him in a couple of months!

Have a good Saturday!


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