Halfway Mark

Yesterday I reached 20 weeks, which means I’m exactly halfway thru this pregnancy! I can’t decide if this whole process is going by too fast or too slow!

Before we found out the sex of the baby, Chris had been somewhat hoping for a girl. But on Monday, after the appointment, we found out it was a girl and he went into total freak out mode.  He said “I don’t know anything about girls!” Then he spent the whole day searching the web all day about how to raise a girl, and he devoured the couple of pregnancy/parenting books we had. In the one book aimed for fathers only that Jill gave him, it said that the dad can read to the belly so that the baby learns to recognize his voice. Which is unrelated to raising girls, but brings me to my second point.

He’s been reading to the baby every night since! When we go to bed to read at night, he reads his book outloud for a little while. Gabrielle (I’m officially replacing IBP for Gabrielle) loves it! Well if kicking is a unit of measure for love then yeah, she loves it. If it’s a unit of measure for “please shut up” then she hates it. There’s no telling. But we will go ahead and assume kicking = love. And note to Gabrielle: this rule expires the second you’re out.


One thought on “Halfway Mark

  1. Love the bedroom colors! Something else that you may want to buy. Large throw rug for the living room floor. Needed for play time on the floor. Play time on the floor is very important – your at their level. We spent a great deal of time on the floor with Jill & Chris ( games, building blocks, wrestling, lego’s, etc. ). Save and soft place also for baby to start crawling, rolling. Note to Chris, I do not know what all the books say, but what I experienced is that raising girls and boys is much the same.

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