Name relock down

Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate and discuss the name situation. We drove to Olive Garden in Oxnard so we had lots of time to think and talk in the car! We threw out new names, reconsidered our list, and decided these were definitively our top names:

Top 3 first names: Gabrielle, Aurelia, Eloise.

Top 2 middle names: Faye, Mae.

While we both really love Aurelia and Eloise, it seems like we always gravitate back to Gabrielle. Being that we had once locked down Gabrielle and even after reconsideration it is still our favorite, that really tells us something. As for the middle name Faye or Mae, I really adore both. Chris said he likes Faye better. Sold!

So it’s (tentatively) official, we are (tentatively) commiting to the name:

Gabrielle Faye.

Chris said it would take something drastic to change the name at this point, although I’m keeping Aurelia and Eloise as backups in case this baby girl comes out with a face that just doesn’t look like a Gabrielle!

With that said and done, who’s ready for some cute baby girl clothes pictures?! These are a couple of outfits that my mom gave us after the ultrasound yesterday. How cute!

This one matches the dress Molly got for Christmas:

After dinner we went to Target while we were in the Ventura area. We *had* to buy a couple of things for our little Gabrielle Faye!

My pick, a cute little sweater – my VERY FIRST clothing purchase for this baby (I promised myself not to buy anything until we knew the sex! Well I couldn’t wait very long after that!):

Chris’ pick, a crib sheet with little owls, super cute:

That’s it for now! I am going shopping with my friend Kristin this weekend, but I promise to keep myself under control!


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