One day left!

We find out the sex of the baby tomorrow morning! TOMORROW!!! Assuming of course the baby cooperates by not crossing its legs. So you have – hum – about 20 hours left to place your bets!! Here’s the tally for far:

Rhea (my grandmother): 5 girl, 5 boy

Took & Dave: 5 girl, 5 boy

**Updated – Marie: 3 girl, 7 boy

Chris: 7 girl

Philippe: 10 girl

Ariane: 10 boy

**Update – Jill & Molly: 10 boy

**Update – Alain: 7 girl, 3 boy

If your name is not on here, it’s cause I never received your money or official statement of your bet. If you want to participate, let me know your vote today (if you promise to send me the money 🙂 Remember it’s $1 per vote, $10 max). Good luck!

In other news, we had a coupon for $20 off any stroller and same for car seat, so we bought both online this morning and also received free shipping. We are saving money like pros! So currently in transit are a gliding chair, crib, car seat and stroller. Fun! I am excited to have a few less things to worry about it, and heck, if you have good coupons why not use them?! All we have left to get is a dresser big enough to use as a changing table, a bookshelf, a small toy chest/organizer, a couple of lamps and we’ll be all set until the baby shower!

Oh, and San Diego was a lot of fun! The pizza was delicious as promised – and by far the heaviest (literal weight) pizza I’ve ever had! The crust was thick and bready (not greasy like deep-dish pizzas) and the cheese was handmade in the pizza shop. Good stuff! Other than eating pizza, we played lots of quiz games and went to SeaWorld. So yeah – fun all around, a good way to start the new year!


One thought on “One day left!

  1. I wish I had sent our picks in they would have been for a boy all ten of them! You know what Molly and I will put in the mail ten dollars tomorrow put us down for ten boys!

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