Happy 2010!

Happy 2010 everyone!

We are on the road to San Diego to see my brother. And to enjoy pizza that he claims is legendary. (ok, he said “good”, but I’m expecting legendary) The roads are super empty, thanks for staying up late last night and not being up early everyone!

We did the last coat of paint last night and went to bed at 10pm. We’re old like that!

The doctor yesterday took my weight… 133 lbs! On December 23rd I was 128, that’s 5 lbs in one week, almost 1 pound per day people!! I guess I wasn’t exagerating when I said my belly was growing one inch every day! IBP is having a growth spurt or I should lay off the cookies?? Probably both, probably both.

In honor of the new year I actually made a resulotion this year. Two actually.

1. Reduce paper towel usage. For cleaning after the pets occasionally it’s fine, but i notice we use a lot of paper towels (and cute disposable paper napkins) every meal as napkins. I have extra fabric that I never used, I will cut it and use that as napkins from now on!

2. I will stop cutting off Chris when he speaks. Whenever he tells a story that I know, I’ll come in and take over the story telling. I dont do it voluntarily, I think I’m just not patient (I can speak faster!) and too excited. Chris says he really doesn’t mind, but I don’t like the fact that I do it. I like his stories and others deserve to hear what he has to say… Even if I can say it faster!

Wish me luck!

Have a great new year! From the QED household, we wish you health and happiness for 2010.


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