Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year’s eve everyone!!

I have a doctor appointment this morning (with my primary care physician for a completely useless checkup – long story) then I’m off to work until 2pm. The whole company shuts down at 2, the short day is super nice! I’m hoping that the Motherhood maternity store will still be open when I get off work, cause – hum – my pants DON’T FIT ANYMORE. Like at all. Even unbuttoned, unzipped and belly-banded. IBP is officially the lowest baby ever. I can wear comfy yoga pants at home, no problems there, but I have no idea what to wear to work anymore!! I don’t think I can pull off the yoga pants, PJ pants, or sweat pants look at work. Bummer.

We painted the first coat of the real paint last night. Same beige as the living room. Looks nice! It is starting to look like a real room. We used a green-tainted primer though and the result is a little blotchy so we’ll have to do a second coat of the real paint tonight. Painting on New Year’s eve, woooh! But it is exciting.

Have a great day – and evening… must stay up until midnight!! (I don’t think I can do it!)


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