Pregnancy Amnesia

Also known as “pregnancy brain”, amnesia is a well recognized symptom of pregnancy. No doctor can explain why it happens – maybe the hormones, or lord knows what else – but every pregnant woman will swear it true.

Today was my friend Kristin’s (women only) holiday cookie exchange party. She has it every year. I love going to it every year. It’s an occasion for me to see Kristin and her family, women I’ve known for years. And guess what? I totally and utterly missed it. The invitation has been up on the fridge for weeks, I was so looking forward to it, and I completely forgot about it!

Not only do I feel like such a bloody idiot, but I also feel SO bummed I missed it!!! I missed the opportunity to see people I rarely get to see. I missed a great party. AND I MISSED THE COOKIES!!! Triple-whammy.

Ugh, I’m soooo mad at myself!!!

Nevertheless, some good things also happened this weekend. Ryan was in town for Ivan Sutherland’s presentation on Thursday and he decided to stay in SB for the weekend. We hung out with him last night. The subject of Cold Springs Tavern came up in the conversation and Ryan could not believe we had never been. It’s a little tavern out of the way into the mountains between SB and Solvang, the building has been there for stagecoaches since 1895, and nowadays it is renown for its tri-tip sandwich. So Ryan brought us to Cold Springs Tavern for lunch today. Man, how did we ever live without it?! Holy cow, it was GOOD. You all can expect to be taken there during your next SB visit.


One thought on “Pregnancy Amnesia

  1. HI,
    Yup! I remember the invitation on your frig! You told us about the party! Sorry you missed it! Good to hear that you had a good time with Ryan! Nice to learn about a new restaurant. What happens to CPK and Chipotle?
    Have a great day.
    God BLess,

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