Bigger Than In The Picture

Remember I posted a picture of my big belly on Monday? Well I hadn’t seen my friend Jenny in 3 weeks because of my cold so we decided to do lunch yesterday because she wanted to see how big I was now. I sent her the picture I took Monday morning and she said I didn’t look really pregnant yet (maybe just bloated). Then she saw my in person at lunch and she said “Oh, you’re so much bigger than in the picture!” Grunts, thank you Jenny, grunts.

I guess either A) the picture lied or B) the baby did much growing in 2 days. Honestly I feel like my stomach is seriously getting bigger every day. At first I thought it was cool to start showing, but I’m ready for it to slow down! I need to get used to this size before it grows more!

I did a little maternity clothes shopping with Chris while we were Christmas shopping. Stores that claim to have maternity clothes always have just a tiny little section with a few XL “maternity” t-shirts. It’s ridiculous! I tried a few things at Old Navy and Target, everything looks like it’s made for fat people and I look like a child in plus-size women clothes! I told Chris “I don’t suppose they have a maternity section for juniors?!” ha ha. Chris says I need to shop in the unwed teenage mothers section šŸ˜›

Today, computer programmer superstar Ivan Sutherland is showing up at my dad’s company. My dad invited us to come over to hear him talk, but sadly I cannot go. I have missed too much work from being sick and my boss has been really nice so far so I don’t want to push my luck! Chris however is definitively going, and he invited his friend Ryan to attend with him since Ryan’s PhD research was heavily based on the works of Sutherland. They are both giggling like schoolgirls about meeting this guy, it’s sort of cute. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it all went!


One thought on “Bigger Than In The Picture

  1. ugh! lots of maternity clothes are just awful. I bet you could get by with leggings and loose tops, there is a lot of that in stores right now. Also, the nicer maternity stores like Pea in the Pod have better clothes than like Target, Old Navy, etc… it’s probably worth getting a few nicer pieces. Also stretchy dresses are great, just from normal stores, those took me almost all the way through.

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