It ocurred to me that I’ve been writing a lot lately and not posting a whole lot of pictures. You might get bored of all that reading. So here’s pictures-o-mania!

First, pictures from last night during our early birthday celebration (because celebrating on a Tuesday is just less fun).

I grated the cheese. Mountains of cheese.

Chris made the sauce:

The lasagna pre-oven (there is no post-oven pictures, because I was too busy salivating and digging into it to even think about taking a picture of it!):

Our birthday cupcakes! I bought this Hello Kitty candle before my birthday 3 years ago, but every birthday I forget to use it!! It is officially used!

Although the weight of it was a little funky and it kept falling. But even smudged in icing, look how cute it is!!!

One down, one to go:

Ok, so we may have both helped ourselves to seconds and thirds of the lasagna and then both had 2 cupcakes. And then both died of food coma. But it was all soooooo goooooood. Thankfully we have tons of leftovers. Today for lunch: lasagna and cupcakes! Today for dinner: lasagna and cupcakes! Tomorrow: lasagna and cupcakes!

(Oh yeah, pregnancy appetite definitively kicked in)

And because you can’t get too many pet pictures, here’s Catch relaxing last night:

And Anathema enjoying our warm-out-of-the-dryer clean blankets:

Anyway, loading up the birthday pictures, I realized I still hadn’t loaded the Japan pictures! Oops! There’s too many to post here, so just go view the whole Picasa album by clicking on the image below. I took the time to write captions with most pictures to explain what it is so be sure to read the text! The only thing is, I was all pumped with photographer energy at the beginning of the trip so you’ll see lots of pictures of Kyoto and Nara. Then by Osaka my photographer energy bubble busted. And there’s basically zero pictures of Tokyo. Sorry! I am not a photographer by nature.

Click on the image to view the whole album!


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