Attention Deprived Cats

Thank god it’s the weekend! After a busy month of madness (which was all fun and good), we are tired and just want to do nothing. It’s raining. We want to snuggle, watch movies and read all day. But who are we kidding, we have tons of laundry, Christmas shopping, and serious disinfecting to do. At least it’s a nice that we have nothing scheduled, no commitments. We can do things when we want, if we want! I got a feeling some of our overdue tasks will not get done.

Part of the weekend we’ll be celebrating Chris’s birthday – by doing more nothing, eating, and sleeping! Yay! Chris wants to make a lasagna and I want to make him a birthday cake (especially since I never got a birthday cake for my birthday either).

Oh, funny story…. Last night we were watching an episode of Bones. In one scene Booth has to give Bones his clothes cause they are covered in brain-splatter “evidence”. As we were watching Booth parade around in his boxers in the lab, his chest perfectly waxed/shaved/oiled/or whatever else TV does to make real men look like teenage boys “sexy”, I offhandedly commented “there’s something so unnatural about a grown man without chest hair.” Then boom, 5 seconds later, Hodgens walks into the lab looking smugly at Booth and says “dude, where’s your chest hair?” HAH, thanks Hodgens, that’s what I’m saying! Chris and I cracked up for 10 minutes straight at my perfect timing.

After watching a couple of Bones episodes last night we played Buzz Quiz World, a video game my brother Philippe gave me for my birthday. I already had the original one and Quiz World is the newer version… It is awesome!!! There’s new characters, new question categories, and new types of rounds. We played 2 games and I won both of course because I’m a genius. I’ll make sure to bring it over during Christmas!

It is Saturday morning 6am and the cats are attention-deprived after our 8 hours of sleeping ignoring them. And they know how to get attention. Snuggle up to Zee Humans in bed, purrrrr loudly, find something inappropriate to chew on that would drive Zee Humans nuts, play with the toy with a bell in it, start picking ornaments off the Christmas tree.

The attention whores‘ cats’ magic worked on me first (hence why I am blogging) and now Chris just got up too. Since it’s his birthday weekend, we are going to Anna’s for breakfast!


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