A Kick?

Well today I am 16 weeks, my last week of the 4th month! And to celebrate the event, I’m pretty sure I felt a kick. I’ve been feeling a strange flutter for maybe a week now and I was hesitating whether it was the baby moving or just indigestion. Today I was feel some movement so I put my hand on my stomach and I felt it inside and out! It’s still early, but I figure I’m thin enough that maybe the movement are more noticeable. Maybe?

Anyway. In other news, my brother, Chris and I are debating Christmas day projects. It’s been tradition for the past few years to do gingerbread houses. But with every failure of the previous year brings a new simpler version of gingerbread houses. First we made the cookies from scratch, cut them, baked them, and found the cookie had changed shape during baking.

So the following year we bake the cookies as a flat sheet half-way, cut them, then returned the shapes back to the oven for the second half of the baking time. Still, houses were mediocre.

We may have tried other variation for another couple of years. Then we moved on to gingerbread substitutes. There was the graham cracker year, the sugar wafer year, and finally last year was the sugar cube year.

This year, I’m pretty sick of gingerbread houses. It’s a waste of food and money, we spend a lot of cash on candies and supplies, all for an end product that is realistically inedible.

So we are having a debate. Tasty and minimally iced cookie cutter gingerbread man? But where’s the challenge in that? Maybe some sort of house-shaped cake with icing and a few gingerbread-house-type decorations? Christmas cupcakes? Seems like a repeat of the great cupcake challenge.

We’re looking at past Food Network Challenges for ideas, but if 4 real chefs can’t make “Cereal Bridges” work then you can’t expect us to do it successfully either! I don’t know!


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