Still Sick

Being sick and not being able to take any medications for it sucks! This cold is lasting forever and I’ve felt the smallest of small improvements from day to day. I just want to be done with it so I can enjoy my second trimester and not being nauseous anymore!

Anyway. Thanks for everyone’s support this weekend! I am so sorry I had to cancel the joint birthday celebration for Chris and I. It would have been nice to get a little family party going. And I’m sorry to have been so little entertainment to my in-laws for their short visit.

And man, I can’t believe I actually made it thru the concert on Sunday! I hope my sniffing and snorting doesn’t come out loud and clear on the recording.

I told my saxophone player neighbor (the lady “responsible” for the sax section) that I would start the Spring semester and see how far I make it. This upcoming semester we will play the original Stars Wars symphony and I am so psyched! There’s no way I am going to miss it voluntarily. As long as IBP doesn’t decide to show up 11 days early (yep, the concert is only 11 days before my due date) or decides to make it impossible for me to play by kicking me in the lungs, I am going to try my best to make it thru the semester all the way to the spring concert.

Plus I figure listening to me playing music would be nice bonding time. When the baby is born, maybe it will like my playing (unlike the cats) and it would be funny to see IBP recognize Stars Wars music out of the womb. I wonder if it will recognize after the birth the piece of music I practiced while pregnant. I should research about pregnant musicians!

Well I hoping this darn cold goes away before the weekend. We still have to shop and mail Christmas presents, buy and mail Christmas cards, etc. Tempted to sneak out of Christmas cards duty this year….

My mom and I are trying to nail down a date for the baby shower so that everyone far or abroad can have enough notice to plan ahead if they wish to come. It seems a lot of people are unreasonably excited to see me fat, it’s a little unsettling! But whatever reason brings them to my baby shower, I will gladly take it. I know so few women (thanks to being a programmer) and it would be nice to see family together again. It will be like the wedding! One thing is sure, I am getting a cake from the same baker! Yummmmm……


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