Today is our last day in Japan! It may have been a wonderful trip, but I am ready to go home. It’s official, I am Tired, with a capital T. Today we went out to Ueno park, large park (apparently containing 1000 cherry blossom trees which should be spectular in the spring but was also very nice in the fall!) home to many museums and a zoo. We were headed to nowhere in particular, i figured we could maybe visit the park’s science museum. Because it was a saturday there was some sort of farmer’s market so we enjoyed food from the vendors for lunch, potstickers and yakisoba (pan fried noodles, like chow mein). Even having done so little walking in the park, I simply could not walk anymore and decided to head back to our room. So we spent most of the day in our hostel room, reading. Not a bad way to spend the day either! I finished book 5 of the Sookie Stackhouse series, onto book 6!

We saw a lot of interesting things out here. For example, all the girls between 5 and 30 wore shorts, tights, and knee-high high-heel leather boots. It is so fashionable that it practically became a uniform. I’ve never seen it in California, maybe it’s the upcoming fashion! Looks cute!

Also, all women were always well dressed, highly make-up’ed, and super fashionable. Not a sneaker in sight. Thanks for making me standing out as the lazy Californian, ladies!

I love the vending machines here. There’s about 3 machines offering a variety of cold and hot drinks at just about every other street corner. You never have to look very far if you’re thirsty! Love it!

I don’t think I noticed this as much the first time I came, but people here bow a lot! The vendors bow to you when you go in their store, they bow to you before you pay, and also after. I can’t help myself but the make a simple head bow in the return to acknowledge their bow (I’m not sure I’m supposed to) and I think it will be a hard habit to break when I get back in the US!


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