We’re here!

After 12 hours of flying and 4 hours of train, I finally met Chris in Kyoto. Let me tell you, I was glad to get out of that train, so tired of sitting!

I did manage to get lost twice, once at LAX (believe it or not) and once at the Kyoto train station because I couldn’t find our agreed meetup point. When I couldn’t find our meetup point, I was so exasperated (after being up for almost 24 hours with little rest on the plane, and knowingly so close to Chris). But I found it and I found Chris and he was a welcome sight. All the tension melted away and suddenly, I was on vacation!

It was 8:30pm when we met, then we went out for dinner with chris’ lab partner Jon and their advisor and his wife. After that, we walk to our hostel and I gladly passed out in bed.

I made it thru most of the night, woke up at maybe 4:30-5am, which isn’t bad all jetlag considered. Chris and Jon will be working on a paper shortly this morning, then we will go out sightseeing! Not sure what sights it will be yet.

It is cold here, but not too cold. In the 50s. It could be warmer (if you’re asking for my personal preference!) but this will be good weather to walk around. I am hoping to see some fall colors, which start about this time of year in Kyoto, but we will see.


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