Going, Going, Gone

I chatted with Chris today online. He’s having a good time at the conference learning about absurd research projects. Try tearable paper simulation, and an umbrella that simulates rain fall – and it also simulates the fall of other objects, like rubber snakes! From what Chris said, it really does feel like rubber snakes are falling on your umbrella. You know, gotta be mentally prepared for a downpour of rubber snakes, it may be coming in 2012.

As for me, I am packed, showered, my taxi for tomorrow morning is reserved, the pets’ food is stocked, the pet sitter is scheduled and paid for, and the neighbors have been alerted. I have band practice tonight, but then I am all ready to go tomorrow morning!

For those of you wondering about today’s baby appointment… It was an “information session” with a nurse practioner (not my regular doctor). I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as it turns out she went over my lab results for the 450 blood tests they ordered and then I was explained for the gazillionth time why I can’t have deli meat or unpasteurized cheese. I guess the session would have been more meaningful if something had been wrong in my blood tests, but thankfully everything was normal and there wasn’t much to say. We like it that way. We did listen to the baby’s heartbeat, IBP is still alive (these doctors are seriously paranoid!). Also she took my weight and confirmed I have yet to gain any. Seriously?! I’ve been EATING, lady! Well, hopefully IBP is sucking the fat out of my thighs and not just the calcium out of my bones.

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone! I’ll try to post again from Japan if I find free wifi!


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