A Scary Step Forward

Everyone’s been telling me “sigh, you’ll probably be one of those annoying women who don’t show until 6 months”. And I’ve been trying and hoping to live up to the expectation, casually still fitting in my normal pants like nothing’s wrong.

However, something happened in the last two weeks. I grew a belly! Eek! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not big. But it’s bigger than flat which is what I was working with before, so this is all new territory to me. All my pants have a waist low enough that they still fit normally when standing up, but when I sit down the waist digs into my poor 25%-baby-75%-bloating-100%-I-just-look-fat belly. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been rocking the loose jeans look. And in the last week, I actually started unbuttoning even my loose jeans when I am driving my car, sitting on the couch, etc.

What’s that? I have a concert in 3 weeks and I have to wear all black and unbuttoning my pants on stage is not appropriate musician behavior?!

So I swallowed my pride this afternoon and went shopping at Motherhood for maternity pants. Well let me tell you that was a traumatizing experience in itself (why is everything SO big!), but I did come out with 1 pair of black maternity pants and also a belly band, which is essential a stretchy tube of fabric that you can put over your pants to hold them up while unbuttoned. It looks like this:


What these ladies are failing to show is that there’s no law forcing you to hold your shirt up while wearing the band, and that if you do ever stop holding your shirt up, the band just looks like you are wearing tank top underneath your shirt for a layered look. I’m trying it right now just for fun – it truly holds my unbuttoned jeans up and prevents both the uncomfortable-waist-digging-into-stomach-while-sitting phenomenon and the awkward-trying-to-button-up-or-unbuttoned-your-pants-looking-nonchalant-hoping-no-one-will-notice phenomenon. I just may start using it all the time!

Chris went to work and school today trying to tie up loose ends before leaving for Japan (tomorrow morning before dawn). I have a few extra days to do the same.


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