IBP’s 3D Adventure

Had another ultrasound today, who wants to see a gazillion pictures of IBP?

This is the pattern on the heartbeat (which we were able to hear!), beating at 160 beats per minute.

Some (slightly creepy) 3D pictures. Here we have “the ninja” pose:

The boxer:

The praying mantis:

Look at this little face!

The ultrasound doctor confirmed there was 5 fingers on each hand, no signs of Down’s, no malformations or problems. IBP is about 2 inches long (the size of a lime), 100% healthy and on track! And I have to admit, I shed a few tears at the sight of a human-looking fetus! (Ok, well in the 3D pics it sort of looks with a feather-less bird, or a T-Rex)

I have an “information session” with a nurse Nov 18th, a monthly checkup on Dec 23rd, and the big 20-week ultrasound with the specialist ultrasound doctor again on Jan 4th. The 20-week ultrasound will be a long one, where they will check every body part really well to make sure everything is developing ok, and that will also be when we find out if IBP’s a Noah or a Gabrielle! (We’re trying these names out for size)  So Jan 4th is the BIG date, you have until then to get your vote in!! Wow, it is soon, but not soon enough!


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