The Wishlist

If there’s something Chris and I have in common is that we are incredibly self-sufficient. When a need arises, we are quick to meet it. When a problem comes up, we are quick to solve it. When a discomfort is noticed, we are quick to fix it and label the expense as a “quality of life issue” (Chris’ favorite excuse, by the way). Whether it be as a unit or as individuals, no problem lasts very long around us.

Meaning that when Christmas rolls around and people all around the world take out their wishlists, my mother is the only poor soul with no response to “what do you want for Christmas?”. Year after year such a question seem silly to me, my needs are met and my desires are satisfied, don’t you think I can take care of myself?! Which I suppose makes me the hardest person to shop for. And I got a feeling this all feels too familiar for Chris’ family too.

Since both of our birthdays and Christmas hit all around the same time, you’re left with a fourfold gift-anxiety.

Luckily for you dear family, this year is different! This year we have mile-long list of foreseeable purchases that we have (wait for it) yet to buy! Amazing! Can you guess what we need? Baby stuff! Yes!

At first I was planning to wait until February or March to start looking at what we would need for the baby, but then I figured “why not score some of the big ticket items as birthday and Christmas gifts?!” It would mean you get to buy us an actual gift instead of just giving us money so it’s more fun for you, and it would help us out just as much financially.

With that in mind we started a baby registry online at Babies R Us, we’ll go to store itself tomorrow to try some things out and my mom will be with us to provide the experienced-mommy commentary, and we’ll finalize the first selection of basic items this week so you can shop there for our birthdays and Christmas if you so choose. We don’t even know the gender yet, so it’s not like we’ll be registering for clothes or linens or any of the little things. Just the big non-gender-specific basics: car seat, stroller, crib, etc. Then you can buy us one big thing for birthdays and Christmas combined, knock 4 birds with one stone, you’ll be happy, we’ll be happy, booya! I’m a genius.

Wait, there’s more! Don’t have the budget for one of our big ticket items? Just generally not into giving 4-birds-knocking stones? Looking for little side-gifts to complement the said stone? I have two words for you: Children literature. We have a handful of French kids books (thanks mom!) and ZERO English kids books. So gift them by the truck load please! New, used, found them in a garage sale for a dime each, for our birthdays, for Christmas, for Easter, for no reason at all, we don’t care! This baby is going to be smart (clearly), but if we don’t expand our library we’ll end up having to read to IBP Calculus and C++ manuals and then we’ll end up with some sort of loser idiot savant crazy nerd kid. Help us help IBP not become a loser idiot savant crazy nerd kid!


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