The Gender Raffle

A lot of people have asked us if we preferred having a boy or a girl. Chris and I had a seriously discussion about it – you know, as seriously as a discussion can be when you’re selecting something you have absolutely no power of selection over – and we came to this: Chris wants a girl and I want a boy. Chris’ reasoning is that he saw his parents raise a girl so he feels he would be more apt to do the same. My reasoning is that every baby I ever shopped for was a girl and it’d be such an appreciated change to shop the boy section. Sail boats and hedgehogs, it sounds so fun!

Now, I’m a huge fan of betting because I love to trash talk my opponents and I love me some bragging rights. So it’s betting time people, let’s play the gender raffle!

Cute boy/girl bins right?! I just made them!

Here are the rules: You can buy a guess for $1. An entry, if you will. If you are feeling confident about your selection, you can buy multiple entries, let’s say maximum 10 per person to keep things reasonable. You can purchase your entry(ies) at any time between now and when we find out the gender (which should be around week 20, or beginning January). Once we find out the gender, I will pick a winner at random from all the entries in the correct gender bowl and the winner will win a grand prize! Grandness of prize will be determined by size of betting pool.

If you choose to buy multiple entries, you get to pick how many entries to put under girl and how many under boy. Clearly buying 5 boy entries and 5 girl entries will give you equal chance to win the raffle no matter which gender wins, but if you’re confident it’s a girl then you can buy all 10 girl entries and increase your chance to win (assuming you’re right).

You may choose to enter right now, or wait until whatever old wives tales markers show up. Feel free to ask me any questions if you think that would help your odds. If you already bought entries but you changed your mind along the way, you may change your gender selection any time. I’ll just move your entry(ies) from the one bowl to the other.

I personally think it’s a boy because I had 3 boy dreams, I’m only considering boy names for no reason, and I keep referring to it as “he”. So I’m buying my 10 entries and putting them in the boy bowl! Whether that’s mother’s intuition or just wishful thinking, we’ll see!

Chris is buying 7 entries for girl. Why seven? “Because it’s a good number, and it starts with the same letter as Scarlett”, he says. Too bad I will never let him name our daughter Scarlett.

Good luck!


One thought on “The Gender Raffle

  1. I am with Chris on it. It will be a girl. And her name is Scarlett. It will be a girl because there ought to be a some justice in this world, boys are too easy.

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