Early Bird

There are some advantages and disadvatanges to being an early bird. For example:

Con A) We are planning to go out for breakfast at Cajun Kitchen and they don’t open until 6:30am. On a Saturday morning, we are finding ourselves waiting for something to open at 6:30am. As Chris just exclaimed, “normal people don’t have this problem.”

Con B) Some of my work takes place at night, and I miss it. By that I mean, I know some of the guys will be online starting around 10:30pm to discuss stuff with our India team or do some maintenance testing that can only be done at night while our clients are not online. I know I probably should be there online too for these things, but once I hit 9pm all memories of “I should go online tonight” disappear.

Pro A) I just replied to a work email. Yes, on a Saturday at 6am. My boss never complained about my late night absences and that’s probably because I cover the other half of the clock. I get more work done before 10am then the rest of my team before 2pm.

Pro B) By eating at 6am, 11am, and 4:30pm, you can totally beat the rush at restaurants!


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