I Present: IBP!

This is perhaps the most important blog post of all times. The one where, for the first time of of public internet, I announce the big news most of you already know: We’re expecting! (Yes, a baby)

Today was our first prenatal appointment, where the pregnancy was confirmed, dated, stamped, and certified. There is a viable heartbeat, a whole inch of babydom, and the end of a secret. Now that we have the word that everything is ok, we are officially announcing it to all friends/family/random strangers on the street.

Bonus of today, we got a snapshot of this little (very very little) creature. For the sake of naming the unsexed creature something else than “thing 1” we needed a good temporary nickname. Ladies and gentlemen I am proud and excited to present to you:

Itty Bitty Programmer!

Itty Bitty Programmer - 9 weeks

Itty Bitty Programmer - 9 weeks


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