Pizza Is The Source Of Life

Our weather is out of control! Last weekend it was super cold. (It was 60). This week we had the Rain Event. (It was 65). And today? Sweltering heat! (It’s 80, sweltering I tell you!) If this keeps up, I’m asking for a price check on housing…. these prices are only acceptable if weather reliability is assured!

Acknowledging that we are 2 giant spoiled brats, Chris and I might very well go spend the day at my parents’ house because it has A/C. Woooh, A/C! Another winning factor: they also have the best pizza in the tri-county area. Chris and I have been desperately looping thru all the pizza parlors that deliver in our area (and some that don’t deliver too), pizza in Santa Barbara is awful. There’s CPK which is good of course, but it is fancy pizza which doesn’t satisfy the craving for traditional normal simple delivery pizza. A few weeks ago we tried yet another place, Marty’s pizza, and thought we really hit the jackpot. The sauce was a little rich, but I figured if we asked for light on the sauce it would be perfect. However last night we did ask for light on the sauce and noticed that the crust is also really greasy. Both time I felt really full (borderline sick) after 3 little tiny slices (take notice that I can eat half of a jumbo, given a good pizza), so Marty’s is officially going in the No-go pile.

Wooh, notice the giant paragraph I just wrote talking only about pizza?! We are very serious about pizza here at the QED household.


3 thoughts on “Pizza Is The Source Of Life

  1. We found pizza left over in the fridge when we arrived. Now we have the full explanation.

    I do not understand. You are watching food network all the time. You have a whole big kitchen available and the only thing you can come out with is order the cheapest pizza in town?

  2. Actually, Chris made an apple pie 🙂

    So in addition to the leftover pizza, you will also find 2 new containers of vanilla ice cream in your freezer and a bottle of caramel sauce. We hesitated about leaving some of the apple pie, but I figured after your super healthy trip pie would be the last thing you wanted!

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