The Call of the Open Road

So the past few days have been eventful to say the least, but life moves on and pressing work reminds us gently (as gently as a 2-ton bear) to focus in the here and now.

Chris has a paper submission deadline for Monday so he’s been literally working ALL weekend at school computing data, writing the paper, and doing whatever else he does so well. Poor Chris, he is working so hard!

I’ve been taking it easy this weekend due to the sudden bout of insomnia, although I’m trying to fight the urge to nap during the day in fear of making the insomnia worse. This morning I woke up at 6AM, a vast improvement over the 5AM and 4AM of the nights before, so I was pretty happy. The extra hours awake have allowed me to be super productive while also spending plenty of time being unproductive.

I bet you don’t believe me that it’s possible to be unproductive AND productive in the same day, right?

Today I watched 3 movies. Three!! Holy cow. Pretty unproductive, right? But I also cleaned out the pantry (how many items did we have that were YEARS passed their “best by” dates? Like 500!), went on a long workout walk, did the laundry, practiced the saxophone, and went shopping! See,  productive too!

Talking about my morning workout walks, one week ago I came to realize that I was only 1 month away from completing my Project-365! That’s right, on October 2nd 2008, I decided to take on the ambitious project of taking 1 picture of the Santa Barbara mission every day for one year. Here’s what I learned in the past year:

1) I have a very loose definition of “every day”

2) how to use my camera

3) I never want to walk that path again. Ever!

In fact, the call of the open road (or, you know, the call of walking paths that do NOT go by the mission) was just too strong for me to resist. Like a little rebel, I decided Project-365 was to be renamed to Project-335, ditched the camera, and I started walking new roads gosh darn it! Oh and it feels good!

If you’d like to commemorate the last year (ok ok, the last 11 months) in pictures (of the mission over and over again), click here!


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