PAX Day 3 & Portland

PAX Day 3 was awesome, with the Omegathon round 5 in the morning and round 6 in the evening. As I mentioned, round 5 was Connect Four and it was so funny to watch.

And finally, the big surprise, what was round 6? They always do some super old school game for the last round, this year it is Skee Ball! The old arcade game machine they had found barely worked and kept malfunctioning. But thankfully it pretty easy to add up the points manually!

Philippe got sick on Sunday. He looked like he was in very bad shape. He felt better by Monday morning so he took his flight anyway. But from the PAX website, they announced that there’s been already a dozen confirmed cases of attendees who got swine flu while at the show, so I’m glad Philippe is feeling all better now. I was fighting off the sniffles for a couple of days there, but today I feel totally ok so I guess I’m off the hook for swine flu, hooray!

We took the train Monday morning from Seattle to Portland. Walking from the train station in Portland to our hotel, the streets were empty except for A LOT of homeless and/or drugged out sketchy looking people and I was set on hating Portland. What a dump!

The impression remained for much on Monday. Maybe it was unusual quiet because it was labor day, because it seemed to be a little better on Tuesday. We walked around more (after getting over the fear that we were going to get mugged/attacked out there!) and turned out to be a lot more pleasant than we had made it out to be on our first impression.  It definitively grew on us over time, possibly mainly because of all the delicious food we had!

On Monday we saw Powell’s bookstore (it’s so big, it covers a whole city block!) and Voodoo Donuts (they have a huge reputation for all their weird flavored donuts, like their maple and bacon flavored donut which we did not try). On Tuesday we saw the Japanese Garden (self-claimed best Japanese garden outside of Japan) and the zoo (of course!).

And that’s the whole trip folks! This morning we flew back to Santa Barbara and I decided to take the whole day off so I could clean the apartment, go grocery shopping, and hopefully get a chance to nap this afternoon… you can’t be too safe with swine flu around! (Right, we’ll go with THAT excuse)


2 thoughts on “PAX Day 3 & Portland

  1. THanks so much for your trip updates and descriptions of activities! We love reading your blog! The pictures are really great! Smart idea to rest and stay healthy! Yikes to the swine flu and we are glad Phillipe is much better! Enjoy your relaxing evening! What kind of voodoo donuts did you two have?

  2. Donuts? Let’s see. I had:
    – Grape Ape: Regular donut with white icing dipped in grape-flavored powder (Kool-aid maybe?)… It blew my mind, sooo good!
    – Dirty Snowball: Chocolate donut with pink marshmallow icing topped with coconut and peanut butter.

    Chris tried to order a few of them that they were out of, like the Arnold Palmer donut, so he had instead:
    – Peach fritter
    – Cinnamon donut
    (So not quite as wild, but he really did try to order like 3 crazy ones and they were all out of those! He must have really good taste!)

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