PAX day 2

First of all, let me announce: we contributed to a Guinness world record!! The world record for most people to play on the Nintendo DS in one location! The previous record was around 300, which is ridiculously small! So PAX begged everyone with a DS to show up in a giant room where we could all play our DSs at the same time and set a new record! Philippe and I were there with our DSs, but Chris had to wait outside cause he is not cool enough to own a DS. (Just kidding Chris!) Unfortunately they did not announce on the spot how many people actually did show up, but I’m estimating at least 1000.

Today there were more people at the convention, as expected, but we did brave the lines and got into some awesome shows. We saw two more rounds of the Omegathon. For those of you who don’t know, the Omegathon is a competition where 20 “omeganauts” were pre-selected at random to participate in 6 rounds of games, each totally different, the finalist to win a trip to japan and loads of goodies.

Today’s Omegathon round 3 was Halo ODST. It’s was awesome to watch on the big screen one of the guys who was totally kicking some major Halo aliens butts. Boom, boom, boom, the whole time! I have so much to work up to! And by the way, for Halo 3 players out there, Halo ODST looks awesome! There were 12 omeganauts left for this round, 3 teams of 4, and the team who scored the fewest points was eliminated.

We just came back from seeing round 4 of the Omegathon, it was “Rock Band: The Beattles”. They were down to 8 people split into 2 teams of 4 who both performed Twist And Shout for the most points. Team 2’s singer didn’t do so well, so chop! Another four people eliminated 😦

Tomorrow morning is round 5 which will be Connect Four!!! Yep, the famous kids game! It should be fun (or at least funny!) to watch, so we are definitively planning to attend.

Round 6 is always a secret, so we will see!

I am so sad that tomorrow is already the last day. We are having a blast and playing lots of fun new games! I gotta love any convention where there is NEVER a line to the women’s restrooms! However, I will have had quite my fill of seeing grown men wearing:
– fedoras
– capes
– man skirts (ok fine, kilts)
Or women wearing:
– men clothing
– costumes of inappropriate proportions in relation to their weight (sailor moon costume on a 160 pound 5’2″ woman? NOT hot!)

On this I leave you with a few more pictures I took today!


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