Seattle Day 1

We’ve made it to Seattle! Chris and I had a ridiculous 3 leg flight… Yes, 3 planes for a little 2.5 hours total of flying! A direct flight SBA-SBA was available for the “reasonable” (cough cough yeah right) price of $500 per person! So here we are after the cheaper three 45-minute flights. It went surprisingly well, all our connection went smoothly, no running required, not even for our 25 minute connection in Portland.

Funny thing about that one is we exited plane number 2 and our plane number 3 was at the next gate, maybe 10 feet away! How lucky are we! We got there and they weren’t even boarding yet, so Chris an I started arguing about an article from the magazine Technology Review… Should intercepting and decoding an RFID transmission be considered innovative? I mean yeah it’s impressive, but I wouldn’t call intercepting a wireless unsecured transmission innovative. Anyway, there we were talking about this when suddenly we heard our names called on the intercom. Somehow in the heat of our discussion we had missed the entire boarding! Give us a break, it was a very small plane so it’s not like we missed a hoard of people boarding a 757, but still! Crazy right?!

Nevertheless we made it on our last flight successfully and on to Seattle right on time! We checked into our hotel, watched a little cable television (food channel of course) then took a 2 hour nap! Wow that felt so good. The night before we had slept maybe 3 hours.

When my brother arrived we all went out to dinner at a pizza restaurant that my brother had heard of on a food network show! It is called Serious Pie (the restaurant, not the show!) and it was a-ma-zing! We will seriously go back at least once this weekend!

Early night to bed last night because today is the big day: PAX begins! We plan to take full advantage of the least-packed convention day. Last year we made Friday a short day because we figured we had all weekend to see everything. But as it turns out Saturday and Sunday were a nightmare to navigate because there were so many people, so this year we will do as much as possible today and then save the little stuff for the weekend!

I’ll post a few pictures later!


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