You ever get that feeling that you need an additional 2000 square feet?

We do!

Thankfully, we have the respite of my parents’ house which is ours while they are away for the weekend. We will surely enjoy the extra elbow room and the high-tech luxuries… you know, like a dishwasher! Non-coined-operated washer and dryer! Air conditioning! Cable TV!

(And they say I’m hard to please! Psh)

After a couple of weeks with a visitor, busy work schedules, and weekend tourism, we have accumulated about ten thousand loads of dirty laundry, so yeah, the free laundry is literally going to save us $50 in quarters. I’m not even kidding! And doing it while air conditioned and watch Puppy Games on the Animal Planet, that is just grand. The weather is out of control, it’s been over 90 in Santa Barbara this week, and the weekend is supposed to be even hotter. It is super dry too, and the firefighters around here are on high alert.

What else is going on?

  • We’re getting ready for our trip to Seattle/Portland
  • My project at work is going to pass (or fail! hope not) a major milestone at the beginning of next week.
  • Chris is doing user studies next week.
  • It was confirmed that Chris will be going to Japan in November to present a paper he wrote for a conference being held there,
  • Our neighbor in apt 4 is now visibly pregnant, it will be interesting to see if they stay in the apartment… The last pregnant neighbors we had moved out before the baby was born 😦
  • My shiny Alienware laptop is making a noise from hell. Where is that warranty?
  • Money is being transferred to the house account, so expect a down payment status report soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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