The Numbers Of My Life

Busy, busy, busy….

What I have is:

  • ONE trip to Yosemite this weekend,
  • SIX weeks worth of work to be done in one,
  • FIVE pending projects whose tickers have already started counting down before we even had a chance to start working on them,
  • TWO old projects to support/expand while trying to develop the current project and planning the next ones,
  • ONE loads of laundry going at 10PM after a total of 11 hours of work today
  • ONE pair of jeans to return to the store because of a missing belt loop
  • ONE cat currently trying to eat loose strings coming out of the old jeans I wore today because aforementioned new jeans are missing a belt loop
  • GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW MANY muscles that feel lethargic and slow due to don’t-have-time-to-workout-because-of-extra-hours-of-work.

What I want is:

  • EIGHT hours of consecutive non-interrupted peaceful sleep
  • ONE hour per day to work out

While I’m at it, I also want:

  • ONE house
  • ONE 6-hour-a-day 4-days-a-week job (at current pay of course), preferably one that involves kittens, penguins, and cupcakes.

(Just thought I should put it out there since I’m doing a little wishful thinking)

All joking aside, I know that I should just be thankful to actually have a secure job right now. And I am thankful to be busy. Although I don’t remember being this stressed since grad school! In any case, I’m really excited about going to Yosemite this weekend, if nothing else just for the anticipated exercise. Sore muscles, here I come!


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