I Wish I Could Fiction

Lately I’ve been thinking about writing fiction in a blog. For example, every Sunday I could add a new chapter to the story. It could be something completly ficticious or maybe the story could be based on me and Chris in some augmenty reality of our lives where we’d be going on random quests and weird things happen, and then boom! Aliens. All Mysterious Cities of Gold style. What do you think?

Problem is, while the writing comes easy, I am awful a making up stories. I was babysitting once and the kid asked me to make up a story for bedtime. I tried to convince him to let me read a book instead, but no, he wanted authentic Ariane imagination. The story went like this:

“There was a lion and a bunny. The lion wanted to be friends with the bunny”

(what?! did I just say that? This story is lame already)

“but the bunny kept jumping and jumping and the lion couldn’t keep up. The bunny kept jumping and jumping”

(I repeated “and jumping” a few times trying to buy time to think of where the story coud go from there)

“So the lion asked the bunny to stop jumping, and he did. And then they were friends. The end”

See now, aren’t you glad I have not tried to write fiction for you?

Anyway, back to reality. Tuesday I took a day off work. I felt like I was getting sick so I took a day off to rest before getting fully sick. I guess it worked cause I felt a little bit better on Wednesday and completely fine on Thursday. Woo!

On the languages side, Chris is still listening to his French on tape lessons. He still won’t speak it though, but every once in a while he will bust out a full sentence. So charming. I started listening to Japanese on tape lessons during my morning walks. I’m eager to share my newly learned how-are-yous and im-fine-thank-yous of the day with Chris, although from his confused look I take it that my japanese accent leaves something to be desired.

Ok, going on my morning walk/Japanese lesson! Have a good day.


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