A Morning Alone (read “A Boring Morning”)

On Wednesday, we watched the movie Millions, it was really cute! Then last night we watched Changeling and it was less than fun. It was a good movie and really well done, though I’ve never seen the attraction to watching a movie that makes me feel sad/outraged/disgusted. How is that entertaining?

Anyway, the plans for this weekend… Chris left for school this morning. One guy has been asking him for help recently, and finally offered to make Chris second author on his paper since Chris is putting time on his project. So now Chris had to meet up with him and help some more! I’m having a little alone time right now, which is never all its cracked up to be. In any case it won’t last long, cause I have to take Raven to the vet this morning for a regular check up.

Last night we had dinner with our friends Kristin and Justin. They are the only friends we have that are also married, it’s nice to share that in common. Anyway, it was fun! Chris said it was really a bummer that we don’t live closer to them, and I couldn’t agree more.

Also yesterday I received my new iPhone 3GS! It is so pretty and shiny and awesome. It does everything. I bet it can probably do dishes and solve world hunger. There’s a compass, which I realize I probably don’t need, but I was having a blast with it anyway. Now I know that my desk at work faces SW and our bed faces East! I wonder what Fen Shui has to say about this. Jenny swears that you can’t your bed facing a certain direction, but I forget which one, hum…

This text is all over the place, jumping randomly thru time and subjects. Sorry about that.

Moving on to Thursday, I decided to have lunch at the beach. I can’t believe it is SO close to my work and I never go anymore. Especially since my skin needs sun so badly. It is so relaxing to go there for lunch. Gotta remind myself to take advantage of it!

Today there is a Solstice Parade in downtown. They have it every year and I’ve never seen it, although I hear its a drunkfest and girls wear in skimpy costumes (an offerand the the gods of hotter weather maybe?)…. sounds like Halloween to me. Making we should check it out once, I’m sure there’s a least some salvaging aspect to it.

Ok, time to get Raven to the vet!


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