(Trying To Go) Back To Healthy

I didn’t get to blog this weekend because we were at my parents house and very busy with an intense cake making project, “Ace Of Cakes” style!

On Saturday, we chose our cake designs online (because we have no imagination), and each made our own cakes and fondant. We made marshmallow fondant which is (apparently) easier to made and use than regular fondant, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never used real fondant. But let me tell you marshmallow is not easy and certainly time consuming, so if the real stuff is worse then I don’t want to see it.

Anyway, on Sunday we colored our fondant and assembled the cakes!

Philippe made the “weighted companion cube” (from the game Portal):

Chris replicated a screenshot of the pacman game in mini-cupcakes:

I couldn’t pick between multiple very cute designs, so I made them all:

And since we had so much leftover fondant and cakes, my mom jumped in to put it to good use:

So cute! All of our designs except my brother’s were from here. (This person is a cake decorating genius, such cute ideas!)

Anyway. Other news?

Oh, my team is hiring 2 new programmers. Hurray for being part of the only company in the United States still hiring!

Anathema and Raven have been on a diet for a week and a half now. Maybe it’s just me but it seems they already have more energy. Raven is chasing her tail all the time, which I figure was due to new-found energy although Chris is suggesting maybe there’s something wrong with her tail that might be bothering her. Time will tell I suppose.

Talking about diets, I’ll be doing a little bit of restructuring in our own eating habits as well. I’ve been working longer hours for the past 6 months which means I’ve been spending less time/effort on eating healthy. My size 2 pants just called and said they are feeling stretched. So I started on Monday: more home-cooked dinners, more non-processed foods, more veggie-oriented meals. And no cookies… blasphemy!


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