Part-Time Child Substitute to Solve Overpopulation Crisis?

I don’t have a lot of time here. In the idea of saving money on yoga classes (they are like $10 a pop), Jenny DVRed some yoga tv exercise shows and we will do them together at her place tonight! We’re meeting in one hour, so I have just enough time to write the essential!

1) Anathema! She stopped limping but I brought her to the vet anyway. The vet says she was a little overweight!! I said “WHAT?! She’s the SKINNY one!” I can’t wait to see what they will say about Raven. Hum… Maybe we are bad cat parents?! So I changed their diet, mostly wet food now which has less carbs. Of course now it means they are chewing everything in the house testing for foodability of random objects.

2) Apparently I’ve been pronouncing Anathema wrong this whole time. I read it in a book and thought “A-na-THE-ma” (the way you’ve all heard me pronounce it), but apparently it’s supposed to be “a-NA-the-ma”. Now I’m trying to pronounce it correctly but it feels so wrong!

3) The city trimmed some trees along our street, including the big tree in front of our apartment. Dude, we can see across the street now! Which means that A) there will be more sun in our apartment this summer (not sure that’s a good thing) and B) we have a beautiful unobstructed view of the parking lot across the street. Yay!

4) Have you heard about Project Natal?! Holy cow, it is IMPRESSIVE. Watch the video below! I’m guessing a drop in birth rates, if you can get this part-time child substitute instead of the real full-time thing!

5) I bought the new iPhone 3GS! When the second generation iPhone came out, I decided I’d be reasonable and not get it, just wait patiently for third generation. Well the third generation was finally announced Monday at 11am, and I was all done being patient. Monday 2pm the phone was duely purchased at I won’t receive it until June 19th though, cause that’s the day they come out in stores. I still refresh my order status page every 5 minutes, hoping thay *maybe* they will have ship it early by accident?! No such luck thus far.

6) No, we haven’t forgotten about our house account! I’m glad to announce we are now at 19%! Yay!

7) My cousin Isabelle is coming to California again this August, just in time to celebrate our 2 year anniversary of the bachelorette party!  Yep, the girls and I will have another girls weekend. If you remember for the bachelorette party we went to Las Vegas, and last year we went to San Diego. This year, with budget generally cut, we will do one weekend of fun in SB, but also do a second weekend camping at Santa Cruz island with the boys invited. Cause of course it’s not camping without an irishman singing with his guitar, so normally we have to have Jenny’s boyfriend around for that!


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