I have a problem. I think I’m addicted to challenges. I keep reading about these challenges/projects online and totally getting into them. I’d probably do the grapefruit diet, if someone was ingenious enough to label it “the grapefruit challenge”. For example, I’m currently trying to do:

The 101 things to do in 1001 days

The Project 365

The 100 things challenge

(In fact, I promised you more information about all 3 of those, and that’s going to come… eventually)

Anyway, today I read about the “50 books challenge” (actually I don’t have a good website for that one, but if you google 50 books challenge, you’ll find a number of participants). Now this sets the goal of reading 50 books in one year! Taking that on average I read about 3 pages per night before my book (or iPhone) smacks me in the face due to sudden unconsciousness, that means I’d either have to:

A) Find 50 20-page books to read in the next 365 days. Anyone got suggestions?!

B) Read 51 additional pages per night.

C) Continue at my usual rate + spend 8 hours per day for 55 vacation days reading (which, I might add, I don’t have)

I told Chris about this “50 books challenge” and how completely and utterly impossible it was (for me – I’ll blame the foreign language and long work hours on that one). But of course he brought up the alternative “well Stephanie Meyer needs to write more books if you want to reach THAT objective”. And he’s right. Reading any other book I am out by 9:30pm, but with the Twilight series I could stay up reading until 1am… and still wake up at 6am. And read while my code was compiling. And during lunch. In fact, I snapped at my boss one day because I was tired, which was most likely due to lack of sleep from Twilight reading. Of course I didn’t admit that to him.

So, Stephanie Meyer, please write more books so I can complete the challenge! (Or maybe don’t, so I don’t loose my job)


2 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Following challenges don’t always pay off as we hope.

    I biked to the office yesterday morning with Bob, from home, through Westlake Blvd, going south on 23, up to the top of 23, and then Mulholland to Malibu Canyon and then to office. 30 miles, 2 hours 15 minutes, 3000 ft elevation gain.

    Then I arrive at the office well and happy to have done this challenge already thinking of the next one.

    I went to the locker room for a shower, open the hot water (as it takes time to get hot water at Fulcrum), and start to get undress. But as I bent to untied my shoes, a severe pain in the back hit me hard. I had to quickly find a position where pain wasn’t too bad then couldn’t move for 30 minutes. The hot water was flowing but I couldn’t stand to go shut it off. The whole locker was a sauna.

    I finally manage to get undress, get into the hot shower for 30 minutes to ease the pain, get dressed, when to Bob to warn him that I was in trouble.Took some Advil and find a couch to rest waiting another hour before trying to move. Then I asked Bob to drive me and my car back home. Couldn’t take the chance to drive myself.

    I was supposed to leave for Austin for meeting customers yesterday. Needless to say, I cancel my trip.

    The pain is still there this morning and I will attempt to work from home though sitting is still painful.

    Bob and Mike Davies explained to me that I pushed myself too hard on this new bike. My legs and my heart where getting in shape and thus capable to do the rides without trouble. But they say I have also to make the muscles in my back stronger too with different workout targeting the back. Biking stress the back but don’t exercise it. As the back was too weak for long rides, the disks in the spine move out of their intended position and touch the nerves, the nerve then send a signal to lock all muscles around the area to prevent any further damage. Instant cast. Mike Davies (our most athlete guy) told me he did exactly the same error when he started to do long running. I now have to find a trainer (because I am not going to get off this bike!!!) and get the whole body worked out.

    Morale; challenges have to be carefully thought trough and well executed otherwise pain will result.

    So, given you have a slight disposition toward getting too enthusiast (like possibly me), then I would highly recommend you seek advise to the persons dearest to you and reduce the scope to a limited set of challenges…

    Of course, it may be pretentious to do the morale to a 27-year old woman, specially from a man close to 50 that still do silly things.

    Have good day.

  2. Well lucky for me, you can’t hurt your back reading more books! Looks like I’m far more talented at choosing challenges than you. ha ha 😛

    Sounds painful though, be careful! You can do yoga, it’s great at strengthening your core. I’ve found a great class in SB if you want to try one weekend!

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