Updates in Progress

Good morning!

If you are wondering… yes it is 7:45AM on Monday morning, yes I’m still ditsy-ing on the internet, no I’m not at work yet, and no I’m not even dressed for work yet… Still in my PJs. I had another horrible night of sleep with nightmares and all, so I permitted myself a lazy morning. Right now I’m banking that I can get dressed and out the door in record speed.

Anyway, just wanted to say that we walked from our apartment to the end of the pier and back yesterday. The weather is cool which was great for walking, but we did not see any dogs or runners and events. However, at the end of the pier we did see a seal begging for scraps and some dolphins swimming a few yards out.

Also you’ll notice I’m making some updates to the blog. I linked up my Twitter account, so will see all my latest twitters. I’m also going to add some pages, for example my “101 in 1001” and my “project 365” and my “100 things”… What, my projects sound confusing? Can’t keep track of them? Well hopefully the new pages will answer all your questions 🙂

Have a good day!


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